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Silver color Jewelry tags

Welcome to Founddream.com. This is your first visit. Please find the custom jewelry and tags you like and leave your comments about the custom jewelry tags here. Founddream.com is the official site of founddream company, which is an online store of custom jewelry and tags and household products. All products are made by founddream company, but they have their special function, because they are designed by you with your logo or your name. If you like custom a jewelry or a jewelry tag, founddream is the best store online. We free worldwide shipping.

Characteristics of metal tags and custom jewelry:

❤I Feel Your Pain, you’ve lost your way. All custom jewelry with your design you like❤I’ve never left I live through you.Our hearts entwined, our bond is true. No time nor space can take away. The love we share will always stay. Thank you…..take every chance, to live with wonder, to sing, and dance. I won’t be far my soul lives on with every sunset and every dawn. I’ll be your sign, just look for me. I am still with you eternally”.
❤Premium Material❤- Made of high quality 316L stainless steel, it doesn’t rust, change color or tarnish. We use double-circle rings to connect the key chain and charms so that they will never fall off or break. YES NEVER. Always remember founddream.com
❤Kivosliviz Jewelry 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee❤- We are confident with our products quality while still offering an 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, place your order by confidence right now!
❤Package Content❤- It comes with a pack of polishing cloth and your jewelry in a Kivosliviz Jewelry sealed bag, ready for gifting.

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