How to shop for wigs?

If you are new to hair loss and have decided to use wigs to get back to your handsome self, then the skill you must learn is to shop for wigs. You can collect this article for later use.

1) hair loss, please buy human hair wig

Generally two kinds materials of the wigs as follows in the market:

  • Human hair wig
  • Synthetic silk wig

Hair loss is generally purchased human hair wig, after all, hair loss, to consider the fidelity, and the fidelity of real hair is much higher than chemical fiber wig. It also sets the stage for a more handsome look when you wear a wig.

2) Shop for comfortable wigs

The feeling of wearing a wig on the head is same as that of shoes on the feet, Only you know what you feel! Hair loss wig is generally used all the year round, comfort must be better, especially in summer, air permeability to be very good, or a head of sweat, it dare not think of uncomfortable.

3) Choose a strong wig

Strong wig is able to withstand the wind, it will not drop easily avoiding your embarrassing. How to shop a good quality wig? Generally we suggest you buy it from a good store with their brands, for example, online store of founddream. Founddream is a good brand in China.

Moreover, you should Learn about wig cleaning and maintenance.

4) How to measure the wigs?

5) How to check the size of cap?

6) How to clear wig?

Cleaning the wigs in right way will keep the soft and comfort of it.

7) How to comb the wigs?

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