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If you worry the quality of pet supplies or after-sales service of the purchase from oversea; If you hope to get a better professional service from the suppliers; If you hope to purchase many different products from different factories, you please contact us, we are the best supplier of yours, we are cooperating with many retailers of pet supplies in the world.

 As a professional wholesaler and supplier of pet supplies, we focus on the design and sales of pet supplies in domestic and global market. Along with extensive research and development in our specialist industry, our products include pet beds, pet cloth, pet mat, pet bowl, pet feeder, pet collar, pet toys and other multiple series and full categories of pet products in good quality and reasaonable price.

We are doing wholesales, customization, and OEM&ODM service. We have excellent design team, QA&QC team, logistics team and after-sales team, we offer satisfaction guaranteed to all customers from the world.  

Many retailers and azamon dealers purchase the pet supplies from us and all of them have a good profit. Top important they have not any risks and get the best service. Some customer purchase the pet supplies from one factory, at last they met some problem from the market, but the factory solve it very slowly. At last they call us to help them and we help them to solve it after they send us the authority letter. Because we are a trade company, we are a bridge of business between China and the world. 

We have the following advatages which is better for the retailers:

  • We have experience team of design to offer you the fashion pet supplies without delay. But the factory only can offer you one or two series products they made, one factory cannot produce all series of pet supplies. They cannot change the production line easy.
  • We are a trade company, so we can provide you all series of pet supplies from many manufacturers. We are the friend of all manufacturers. But the factory is in competition with all other factories.
  • Professional QC team will do the double QC test before delivery to guarantee the quality, which is same as the third part quality control for our oversea customers.
  • Many people think they can get the lowest price from the factory,  it is no correct for the buyer of pet supplies. Because there are many series of pet supplies for a retailer. Generally the factories have thress prices: cost price≤wholesales price≤sales price.  The wholesales price is only for the wholesalers. In china, no factory can get a good sales without the cooperation with wholesalers. Most retailers will purchase many different types of products.  If you buy one pet bowl from one factory. If you will buy some others pet products from the factory, they have to buy them from other factories,  their competitor, the price and service will be good.
  • The factory focus on production of one type products, but wholesalers focus on the complete service from the quality control to the logistics and after-sales service.
  • If you purchase from the factory, there are no an agent of yours in china. It is difficult for you to solve any international trouble on business. It is an international trouble, it is very complex. But if you purchase from us, we deal with it easy in our country, it is a trouble of domenstic market, it is simple and the 

The Founddream mission

To partner with you for success by bringing you the wisdom of contemporary and historical thought leaders through inspiring works of  products which will bring you and your pets a good healthy and happy life.

Business Model:

Wholeseale, Customization! Both B2B and B2C

A Large Professional Online Wholesaler Near You!

We are a trusted and outstanding supplier you need! We are looking for agents in the wold, join us to earn commission for every successful referrals! Please feel free to contact us for details.

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Innovation, hard work, gratitude, and prosperity


Cooperation and mutual benefits

With good quality

With good quality and willingness to grow, and continue to take action to create outstanding results

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Self-diligence, self-renewal, self-examination; co-creation, concentricity, and co-creation




We are very happy with the products. thank you so much for the great customer service and the follow-up! this Is a great company to purchase from and they are very good with communication!
John smith
As always this company has completely delivered superior service in all areas of our transaction! From our Salesperson to the packaging and shipping of our product we are very grateful to be able to do business with founddream! The timeliness of our orders has been so great, even in this time during covid. Thank you sincerely!
Pet store
This pet carrier is very good and seems very durable. My friends have good feedback after using it, and I will buy another batch for my friends. This is a highly recommended product.
Pet pharmacy
pet bed

Email: info@founddream.com

Phone: +86 180 7319 9798

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