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Jose Zhang

Fashion Designer

Our mission is rooted in the philosophy that no one has to lead a limited life. Fact is, you can choose to make your life whatever you want it to be: Successful. Productive. Profitable. Abundant with riches, both material and spiritual.

Founddream customers are usually people who don’t necessarily talk about themselves or brag about their accomplishments. They work diligently to build their success. They set challenging goals for themselves. They know they belong at the top and they know what it takes to get there. (And don’t stop until they do.) They all have their stylist.

We loved this project so much, that we decided to open up a new venue for our spiritual beauty lovers.

“Here, you chart your own course… follow your own counsel… and move confidently from one success to the next, without limitation.”
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**The Bamboo Hut**

   Sitting among bamboos alone,

   I play on lute and croon carefree.

   In the deep woods where I’m unknown,

   Only the bright moon peeps at me.


"It is so sweet and my husband was so touched with this tribute to his beloved dog. Thank you!"
"It was absolutely breathtaking! He loved it and I loved how much he loved it. It was beautiful and I’m thinking about gifting my mom one for her bday. "
"Very happy with my tags.. very good work. Good quality and fast and precise shipping. I will purchase again."
"Highly recommended! Easy to order, quick replies, excellent service and fantastic product. I bought each colour available."
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