Pet Training

All smart pets need training, all training kits always have good sales in every pet supplies store. As a large wholesale of pet supplies and pet accessories in China, we ship all styles of training kits worldwide. We helped retail stores expand their business. We are only offer good quality products, but also professional service. Some main pet training kits of ours as follows:

  • Pet Clicker:Effective Clicker Training Techniques for Dogs, it is an Advanced Clicker Training Methods for Obedience.
  • Dog Leash Trainer:Effective Dog Leash Training Tips for Beginners, which is Step-by-Step Guide to Leash Training Your Dog.
  • Pet Crate: include Folding Dog Crate for Easy Storage,Wire Cat Crate with Removable Tray for Cleaning,Plastic Pet Crate for Airline Travel,Heavy-Duty Dog Cage for Large Breeds,Soft-Sided Cat Crate for Comfortable Transportation,Collapsible Pet Kennel for Indoor Use,Double-Door Dog Kennel for Versatile Entry,Wooden Pet Crate Furniture for Home Integration,Metal Dog Crate with Divider for Training Purposes. You can find any types of pet crate for your sales.
  • Potty Training Pads:Effective Puppy Potty Training Pads for Indoor Use,which include Absorbent Dog Training Pads for Quick Cleanup,Scented Pet Pee Pads to Attract Potty Training,Leak-Proof Puppy Pee Pads for Floors and Carpets,Large Dog Training Pads with Odor Neutralizers,Reusable Washable Puppy Pee Pads for Eco-Friendly Training,Indoor Dog Potty Tray for Apartment Living,Puppy Litter Box for Small Breed Dogs,Training Pads Holder for Secure Placement
  • Training Bell:Effective Pet Training Bell for Communication
  • Training Pad: this is different from the pet mat, which is a main pad to train small pets. The funtion have Disposable Puppy Training Pad for Indoor Use, and Leak-Proof Dog Pee Pad for Floor Protection
  • Flying Disc Toy: this is a  type of Durable Frisbee Toy for Dogs and Pets. The Flying Disc Toy is main used for Outdoor Play and Exercise,Dog Frisbee Toy for Fetch Games, and Pet Frisbee for Interactive Playtime

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