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Here is a main category of ours. All products have good sales. If you are looking for suppliers from China, we are a good partner of yours. Bed and furniture refer to a range of items designed to provide comfort and convenience for pets in the home or travel. These can include items such as beds, scratching posts, perches, and more.

Furniture for pets is designed to meet the specific needs of different types of pets. We have full ranges of furnitures for your selection.

Beds: include Orthopedic Dog Bed for Arthritis Relief,Cozy Cat Bed with Removable Cover,Waterproof Pet Bed for Easy Cleaning,Elevated Dog Bed for Air Circulation,Plush Pet Bed for Small Breeds,Memory Foam Dog Bed for Joint Support,Washable Cat Bed for Odor Control,Self-Warming Pet Bed for Cold Nights,Indestructible Dog Bed for Chewers,Calming Pet Bed for Anxiety Relief.
Cave and Den: you can buy many different designs of caves according to your requirement. For example, Warm Cat Cave for Cold Nights,Portable Pet Hideaway for Travel,Insulated Pet Igloo for Outdoor Use,Plush Pet Nest for Small Breeds,Foldable Pet House for Easy Storage,Luxury Pet Cocoon for Pampered Pets,
Waterproof Dog Den for Outdoor Adventures.
Sofa: This is indispensalbe furniture for pets. Many luxury pet Sofa now has memory foam cushion. You can select sofa based on the use. For example, Waterproof Dog Couch Cover for Easy Cleaning,Large Cat Couch for Multi-Cat Homes,Convertible Pet Sofa Bed for Day and Night Use,Washable Dog Sofa for Odor Control,Orthopedic Cat Couch for Senior Pets.
Window Perch: include Space-Saving Cat Window Bed for Small Spaces,Strong Pet Window Hammock for Multiple Pets,Adjustable Pet Window Shelf for Any Window Size.
Stair:Foldable Pet Stairs for Easy Storage,Adjustable Dog Steps for High Beds,Lightweight Cat Stairs for Indoor Use,Non-Slip Pet Ramp for Senior Pets,Carpeted Cat Steps for Comfortable Climb,Wooden Pet Ladder for Decorative Touch,Heavy-Duty Dog Stairs for Large Breeds,Collapsible Cat Ramp for Small Spaces,Foam Pet Steps for Joint Relief. Which one are you interested in?
Cat tree: This is a main toy for the play of cat, which includes Tall Cat Tree with Multiple Levels and Platforms,Sturdy Cat Tower with Sisal Scratching Posts,Spacious Cat Condo with Soft Cushioned Beds,Multi-Tiered Cat Climbing Frame with Hideaway Holes,Interactive Cat Activity Center with Hanging Toys,Deluxe Cat Playground with Hammocks and Tunnels,Modern Cat Furniture with Stylish Design,Large Cat Gym with Exercise Wheels and Ladders,Cozy Cat Perch with Fleece Cushion for Lounging, what stairs else are you looking for ?
Dining Table: This is a table for the comfortable eat of the pet, which includes Adjustable Dog Feeding Table for Growing Puppies,Stylish Cat Dining Table with Ceramic Bowls,Wooden Pet Feeding Station for Rustic Charm,Modern Dog Food Table with Stainless Steel Bowls,Raised Cat Food Table for Arthritis Relief. Collapsible Pet Meal Table is neccessory for Traveling.

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