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What is stainless steel jewelry?

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In the traditional sense, stainless steel jewelry refers to rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, cuff buttons, collar clips, hairpins, earrings, collar flowers, collar pins and other body decorations. With the development of the times, it expanded and developed more. For example, stainless steel belt buckles, stainless steel glasses frames, stainless steel watches and so on. Stainless steel jewelry is a very special metal jewelry. It is very tough and corrosion-resistant. It will not turn black like silver jewelry, nor is it prone to allergies like copper jewelry and alloy jewelry. Leaded and toxic, stainless steel jewelry always retains its color tone for life at room temperature. Stainless steel jewelry is made of the same material from the inside to the outside. Stainlesss steel jewelry has passed the artificial sweat test. Its characteristics are that it is completely non-corrosive. It is resistant to strong acid and alkali. Stainless steel jewelry is a green high-grade environmental jewelry. They will not produce any side effects and harmless to the human body.


Stainless steel jewelry refers to a variety of jewelry suitable for human body wear. They are made of stainless steel 304, 316, 316L and other metal materials through various processing techniques, including stainless steel jewelry that is not inlaid or inlaid with gems and jade. As a stainless steel material, it should have the following characteristics. Scarce source, complex mining, beneficiation, and smelting technology, high cost and high price; stable chemical properties, especially not easy to oxidize and discolor, insoluble in strong acid and alkali; colorful and dazzling (gold-plated, bling; polished, silver brilliance) Bright); has good processing properties.

Stainless steel jewelry has passed the artificial sweat test. Its characteristics are that it is completely non-corrosive, and is resistant to strong acid and alkali. It is a green high-grade environmental product that will not produce any side effects and harmless to the human body. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel jewelry depends on the alloying elements contained in the steel. Chromium is the basic element for stainless steel to obtain corrosion resistance. When the chromium content in steel reaches about 12%, chromium and oxygen in the corrosive medium act to form a thin oxide film (self-passivation film) on the steel surface. Thhis can prevent further corrosion of the steel matrix. In addition to chromium, the commonly elements are nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper, nitrogen, etc., All meet the requirements of various uses for the structure and properties of stainless steel. Its corrosion resistance, toughness and weldability increase with the increase of chromium content. Its resistance to chloride stress corrosion is better than other types of stainless steel.

Production process:

  1. Inlaid carbon fiber: Make the surface of the jewelry have a three-dimensional fibrous shape. If it is reflected with light, it will move up and down with your line of sight. It willshow a three-dimensional effect.
  2. Wire cutting: The use of wire cutting technology is to use molybdenum wires of different sizes. A wire cutting machine to cut the appearance of the jewelry at a very slow speed. These are the processing techniques commonly used in Chenjun jewelry.


Stainless Steel Jewelry is virtually immune to accidental stainin. Stainless steel jewelry can be anodized to produce a rainbow of colors from rich, and glossy blacks to pale golds and pinks. Hard metals are great for rings and chains. it will retain their shape under the duress of regular wear or an active lifestyle. Popular designs are stainless steel fashion accessories, including hearts, military-style dog tags and ID bracelets. Note that stainless steel jewelry is difficult for jewelers to adjust or bend to fit properly. Jewelry has to be a specific size, it is important to choose the right ring size or chain length. Men’s Stainless Steel Jewelry Stainless steel jewelry is relatively low cost and high strength, and is a popular metal for larger, bulkier styles, often found in men’s jewelry. A heavy Figaro bracelet is similar to stainless steel which would be expensive to find in platinum or white gold for a fraction of the cost.

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