Chanel – Interlocking C’s香奈儿(双”C”)

story of Brand (1)

Brand features:

Any brands have different brand stories. fashionable and simple, simple and comfortable, pure style. Fashion is fleeting, style is still the guiding force behind the brand. We provide the stainless steel tags, metal tags for your customization, you can add you logo on it. Founddream is the brand of jewelry tags.

Brand development:

GABRIELLE CHANEL was born in 1883 and died in 1971. In 1905, when she was 22 years old, she became a “Cafe singer” (Cafe Singer). She became a stage name “COCO” and sang in different karaoke bars and cafes to make a living. In 1914, Coco Chanel opened two fashion stores, the influential fashion brand “Chanel” was officially born. Although she has been gone for a long time, her classic style remains the originator of the fashion industry. She is most fond of using black and white for beautiful illusion, to achieve an absolute beauty and perfect harmony.

Logo identification:

The double “C” LOGO has become a point of pride in the fashion industry; Camellia is CHANEL’s favorite element. In addition, the three-dimensional diamond lattice is also one of the CHANEL logo, is widely used in clothing and leather goods, and later also used in the design of the watch. You can believe yourself, the jewelry tags you ordered from us will be also very famous in the future, because all products with the logo designed by yourself.

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