Girl Power

Now is the time of the woman! You shouldn’t pay attention who cooks, who does the laundry, who does the housework at home, it’s you if you are a man! You love her, you do more. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights and equality of the sexes. Feminism ranges from several different social and political movements as well as ideologies that have been lead by strong female leaders for years now. They all share a common goal of achieving equality among genders politically, socially and personally. Feminism is also more than this, it has instilled a certain sense of pride in womanhood for many women around the world and young girls growing up in our world. Much change has been made throughout our country’s history but there is still much more to do!

Many girls have personalities. They often come to find some personalized jewelry or jewelry tags, tattoo. A good tattoo makes a girl more personal and beautiful.

More than ever women are standing together and standing up to equality. Many social icons and well-known names have come together in fighting this worthy cause and strengthening women worldwide. would like to join the movement and has recently added an entirely new category, Girl Power Feminism Car Stickers and Decals, that is dedicated to encouraging and supporting women, as well as girls growing into their womanhood identities.

This category is full of cute, funky, edgy and unique designs that will be sure to stop anyone’s eye while driving by or sitting next to you in class. Flaunt your girl pride on any surface ranging from your car, water bottle, phone, and laptop! We have designs that will appeal to any taste in sticker, anything from cutesy sayings, decorative female symbols, pink boxing gloves or sassy and sweet. This is a category where creativity was unlimited and we had a great time choosing the best variety possible. Being a woman means so many different things to different women, what does it mean to you? Share and express this through an artistic and playful take on such an important and crucial matter.

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