Anti Slip Outdoor Plastic Stirrup for Horse Riding


If you like horses, you will like the plastic Horse Stirrups, it is light.

Horse stirrups are an integral part of equestrian riding equipment. They are the footrests attached to the saddle by stirrup leathers and are used by riders to support their feet, stabilize their position, and communicate with the horse. Stirrups come in various designs and materials, each serving specific functions in different riding disciplines.

It’s important to choose stirrups that match the rider’s skill level, riding discipline, and personal comfort. Stirrups that are too long, too short, or improperly adjusted can negatively impact the rider’s position and effectiveness. The type of stirrup material, design, and additional features, such as safety releases, should also be considered based on the rider’s needs and preferences.





  1. Foot Support and Stability: The primary function of stirrups is to provide a stable platform for the rider’s feet. This stability enables riders to maintain their balance and control while riding, especially during various maneuvers like posting, jumping, and sharp turns.
  2. Balance Enhancement: Stirrups help riders maintain their balance by allowing them to distribute their weight evenly across the saddle. This equilibrium is essential for preventing falls and maintaining a secure seat, particularly during more dynamic movements.
  3. Aid Transmission: Through the stirrups, riders can transmit cues and aids to the horse using their legs and feet. By applying pressure to the stirrups, riders can communicate directional changes, speed adjustments, and other commands.
  4. Safety Feature: In unexpected or sudden situations, such as the horse spooking or making a sudden movement, riders can use the stirrups to brace themselves and stay in the saddle, reducing the risk of falling.
  5. Mounting Assistance: Stirrups provide a step-up platform for riders to mount their horses. This is particularly beneficial for riders with limited mobility or strength, making mounting easier and more comfortable.
  6. Reinforce Leg Aids: In conjunction with leg pressure, stirrups reinforce the rider’s leg aids. Proper use of stirrups encourages horses to respond accurately to the rider’s cues.
  7. Jumping and Galloping: During jumping and galloping, stirrups are crucial for maintaining a secure position and absorbing the impact of the horse’s movements.
  8. Riding Discipline Variation: Different riding disciplines have specific stirrup designs to cater to their unique requirements. For instance, stirrups used in dressage may differ from those used in Western riding or show jumping.
  9. Rider Comfort: Stirrups with ergonomic designs and appropriate sizes can enhance rider comfort by reducing strain on the ankles, knees, and hips during extended riding sessions.
  10. Training Aid: For riders learning or improving their riding skills, stirrups can provide additional support and stability, allowing them to focus on refining their aids and posture.
  11. Weight Distribution: Stirrups help distribute the rider’s weight more evenly across the horse’s back, reducing the pressure on specific areas and promoting the horse’s comfort.





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