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Best Pet Supplies 3 colors of  Trim Mesh Dog Harness is a simple, easy-to-use harness that is extremely comfortable for your pet, no matter what the forecast is. Made from soft, breathable mesh, this lightweight harness allows moisture to escape, keeping your pup cool as he walks. It’s gentle against the skin and hugs your pet’s torso to provide a secure fit. This type Dog Harness has a fuzzy fastener closure and quick-release buckle for fast and easy adjustment, and there are two D-rings for attaching a leash. With a range of sizes from XXS to L, you’ll get the perfect fit of Trim Mesh Dog Harness for your pooch., a trusted wholesaler and manufacturer of pet products in China. Many retailers and amazon sellers have sourced the pet supplies from us to increased the sales of their store. A good vendor of yours will help you increase more sales. One piece of Dog Harness is also in the wholesale price.

Trim Mesh Dog Harness


  1. Made from a soft and breathable mesh fabric that will securely hug your pet while still being gentle on their skin.
  2. This harness is made with an easy step-in style which is perfect for pets who hate putting harnesses on over their heads.
  3. Harness attaches to your pet with double the security. You can adjust the whole fit of the harness using the fuzzy fastener strap located in the back and additional security is provided by the snap-in buckle.
  4. Sturdy 2-D rings are included to easily attach your leash.
  5. Made with high quality fabric that is light and sturdy, perfect for letting air flow through on warm days.
  6. Harness is reflective strap which makes sure you can see your puppy easy or help the car hit them.Trim Mesh Dog Harness


      Trim Mesh Dog Harness Trim Mesh Dog Harness Trim Mesh Dog Harness    

We are a leading manufacturer and distributor  of pet products and accessories in China. Welcome the customers from the world to source the pet supplies from founddream, you will have a good quality product and professional international business service and lower price. Good products source chain will bring you good business with much profit. please view more products of ours click here. small orders and large orders are accepted, no minimum spending.

This product is light weight so Ginger stays cooler than with the mesh.

“I was suprised that it was so easy to put on. Most harnesses I can barely figure them out without instructions but this is very simple. love the red color on my tri color dog! My only critique is that while my dog is wearing it with the leash, the harness shifts to the side of his body when he walks by my side. No matter much I tighten it too. He’s still getting used to wearing it but so far it works well. It’s only 5 days since we bought it but it’s sturdy and the color is still vibrant for now!”


Founddream or customization


Polyester, Synthetic Fabric


XXS, XS, S, M, L


Green, Yellow, Pink

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