Cat Toy Rolling Wheel With Three-Level Spinning Disc

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he Cat Toy Rolling Wheel is an interactive toy designed to entertain and engage cats of all ages. This toy features a three-level spinning disc with six colorful balls, providing endless fun and excitement for your feline companion.

the Cat Toy Rolling Wheel with its three-level spinning disc and six colorful balls offers interactive and engaging play for your cat. It stimulates their natural instincts, encourages physical activity, and provides independent entertainment. This toy is a great addition to your cat’s playtime routine, keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated.

Cat Toy Rolling Wheel


Cat Toy Rolling Wheel


  1. Three-Level Spinning Disc: The toy is designed with three levels of spinning discs, allowing the colorful balls to roll and move freely. This feature stimulates your cat’s natural curiosity and hunting instincts as they watch and track the movement of the balls.
  2. Three or Six Colorful Balls: The toy comes with six brightly colored balls that roll and spin within the spinning disc. The vibrant colors capture your cat’s attention, encouraging them to interact and play with the toy. Please let us know how many balls you need after you placed the orders.
  3. Interactive Play: The Cat Toy Rolling Wheel provides interactive play for your cat. As the balls move and spin, your cat can paw at them, chase them, and try to catch them. This promotes physical activity and mental stimulation, helping to keep your cat entertained and active.
  4. Encourages Independent Play: This toy is designed to keep your cat engaged even when you’re not available to play with them. The spinning disc and colorful balls provide hours of entertainment, allowing your cat to play independently and satisfy their playtime needs.
  5. Durable and Safe: The Cat Toy Rolling Wheel is made from durable and non-toxic materials, ensuring the safety of your cat during play. The toy is designed to withstand your cat’s playful paws and is built to last.
Cat Toy Rolling Wheel Cat Toy Rolling Wheel




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