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If you are a retailer, our one-stop wholesale will meet your requirement;

If you are a dealer of, we can label it for you and ship the products to your FBA warehouse;

If you need custom the products with your name or your logo, our professional service will offer you satisfaction guarantee;

You no need spend much money and much time to contact one supplier and one supplier, you only need to tell us what you are interested in, we do everything for you in good quality.

Many buyers have a mis-understand about the import from China, they think they will get low price and good quality from the factories. In fact, the factories will offer you same price as the wholesalers’ price.

Second, large wholesalers have professional teams including technical teams, quality control team, sales teams, logistics team, after-sale teams, which will offer better service than some small factories.

Third, large wholesalers have good products chain and large warehouse, they can offer you fast delivery.

Forth, large wholesalers have better payment guarantee than all small factories.

importing products from China is similar as the purchase in your local market, many times, you will get better price and better professional service from wholesalers than the manufacturers.

Especially, if you have not large quantity in one product of pet supplies, the service from the manufacturuers will not be good, they have no experience, they have no time, they focus on the bulk production, not wholesales.

All pet supplies store will have many series of products, so most retailers like to cooperate with the wholesalers of pet supplies and pet accessories instead of manufacturers.

What is your suggestion, please let us know by email at, whatsapp: +86 13786188769

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