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A hard-sided pet carrier or pet kennel for dogs is a sturdy and durable enclosure designed to transport pets safely. It typically features a solid, rigid construction that provides extra protection and security.

Hard-sided pet carriers provide a reliable and safe means of transporting dogs, whether it’s for short trips to the vet or longer journeys. When choosing a pet kennel, consider your dog’s size, weight, and any airline regulations you may need to comply with to ensure a suitable and comfortable travel experience for your furry friend. Contact founddream to get a lower price and fast delivery of all sizes of Pet Kennel.

There is door on the top of the cage. IF you need the cages without the top door, the price will be lower than this type. please contact us by email.


  • Durability: Hard-sided pet carriers are made of tough materials such as plastic or fiberglass, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Safety and Security: The solid construction of a hard-sided pet carrier offers better protection for your dog during travel. It helps prevent accidental bumps, impacts, or crushing, providing a secure and enclosed space.
  • Ventilation: Hard-sided pet carriers often have built-in ventilation panels or windows to ensure proper airflow and ventilation for your dog’s comfort. This helps prevent overheating and promotes fresh air circulation.
  • Security Locks: Many hard-sided pet carriers come with secure locking mechanisms, such as sturdy latches or bolt locks, to prevent your dog from escaping during transport.
  • Easy to Clean: Hard-sided carriers are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They typically have removable or washable inserts, making it convenient to keep the carrier clean and fresh.
  • Airline Approved: Some hard-sided pet carriers meet airline requirements for pet travel and are designed to fit under airplane seats or in cargo holds. It’s important to check with the specific airline for their pet carrier guidelines and restrictions.
  • Colors: White, Blue, Red

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