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You will have a clean water for your dog bath:

Is the bath water safe enough for your dog?  More and more people select founddream®PP Cotton Filter for your dogs.

  • Protect skin
  • Hair repair
  • Baby health care
  • The end result is a more softer and cleaner shower than you’ve ever experienced before

The PP Cotton Dog Rain Filter is a revolutionary product designed to provide optimal protection for your furry friends during rainy weather. This innovative filter is specifically designed to fit onto your dog’s collar, ensuring they stay dry and comfortable even in heavy downpours. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the features and benefits of the PP Cotton Dog Rain Filter.

PP Cotton Filter


  1. High-Quality Material: The filter is constructed using premium PP cotton, which is known for its excellent water absorption and filtration properties. This material effectively prevents rainwater from seeping into your dog’s fur and causing discomfort.
  2. Adjustable Design: The filter features an adjustable strap that allows for a customized fit, ensuring it can be securely attached to dogs of various sizes and breeds. The adjustable design also makes it easy to put on and remove the filter without causing any inconvenience to your pet.
  3. Efficient Rainwater Filtration: The PP cotton material acts as a barrier, filtering out rainwater and preventing it from reaching your dog’s coat. This helps maintain your pet’s body temperature and prevents them from getting wet, reducing the risk of catching a cold or developing skin irritations.
  4. Lightweight and Breathable: Despite its effective water-repellent capabilities, the PP Cotton Dog Rain Filter is lightweight and breathable, ensuring that your dog remains comfortable while wearing it. The filter does not hinder your dog’s movement or cause any discomfort, making it suitable for extended use.
  5. Easy to Clean: Cleaning the filter is a breeze. Simply detach it from the collar and hand wash it with mild soap and water. After drying, it is ready to be reused for the next rainy day.

PP Cotton Filter


  1. Protection from Rain: The primary benefit of the PP Cotton Dog Rain Filter is that it provides reliable protection for your dog against rain. By keeping them dry, it helps maintain their health and prevents the need for lengthy grooming sessions after every rainfall.
  2. Health and Comfort: By preventing your dog from getting wet, the filter reduces the risk of them catching a cold or developing skin issues associated with dampness. It also ensures their overall comfort during wet weather, allowing them to enjoy outdoor activities without restrictions.
  3. Durability: The high-quality PP cotton material used in the filter ensures its durability and longevity. It can withstand repeated use and retain its water-repellent properties even after multiple washes.
  4. Versatility: The PP Cotton Dog Rain Filter is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Its adjustable strap allows for a secure fit, ensuring it stays in place even during active play or walks in the rain.



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