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A step-in harness is a type of dog harness that is designed to be easily put on and taken off by having your dog step into it with their front legs. It typically has two openings for the front legs, with straps that wrap around the chest and secure the harness in place. Step-in harnesses are known for being comfortable and secure, distributing the pressure evenly across the chest to avoid strain on the neck. As a pet supplies wholesale, founddream always offers a lower price and fast delivery to our customer by door to door logistics and courier.

Step In Harness


S: Chest(30-35cm), Length of leash(120*1.5cm), Weight: 120g

M:Chest(50-75cm), Length of leash(120*1.5cm), Weight: 135g

Step In Harness


  1. Size and Adjustability: Ensure that the harness is the correct size for your dog’s measurements and weight. Look for adjustable straps or buckles that allow you to customize the fit for a snug and secure feel.
  2. Material: Choose a durable and comfortable material, such as cloth, that can withstand regular use and won’t irritate your dog’s skin.
  3. Easy-to-Use Buckles: Look for harnesses with sturdy and easy-to-use buckles that securely fasten the harness in place and allow for quick and hassle-free attachment and removal.

As for the leash, you can consider a standard leash that matches the size and strength of your dog. Look for the following features:

  1. Length: Choose a leash length that suits your walking style and preferences. Standard leash lengths typically range from 4 to 6 feet (approximately 1.2 to 1.8 meters).
  2. Material: Opt for a leash made of sturdy and durable material, such as nylon or leather, that can withstand pulling and provide a comfortable grip for you.
  3. Secure Clasp: Ensure that the leash has a reliable and secure clasp, such as a swivel snap hook, that can easily attach to the harness and keep your dog safely connected during walks.

Step In Harness Step In Harness            



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