wholesale smart pet water fountain of automatic pet water dispenser

wholesale automatic pet water fountain and pet water feeder

OEM and ODM are available

A new type of good quality wholesale of automatic pet water dispenser, it is a smart pet water fountain. many pet owners and pet keepers are like it. We will provide you USB or power adapter according to your requirement. You can go to travel or go to work without worry about your dogs and cats running out of water. As a large wholesaler and exporter of pet supplies, founddream offer the wholesale automatic pet water dispenser at a reasonable price from China. Welcome to be our agents in oversea. Join us to earn commissions or increase your sales of pet products in your domestic market. This is a good wholesaler for all retailers. Many dealers of amazon purchase the wholesale automatic pet water dispenser from us. We can deliver them to the FBA warehouse or your office directly. You will save much time on the sales instead of on the supply.

automatic pet water dispenser


  1. Automatic
  2. 4 models of flow

Specifications and package:

  • Size:8.3″x6.9″
  • Color: Blue,Grey
  • Capacity: 2.4L
  • Power: 2w
  • Electricity supply: DC5V
  • Length of cable: 1.6m
  • Material : PP cotton

automatic pet water dispenser automatic pet water dispenser automatic pet water dispenser wholesale pet water fountain wholesale pet water feeder wholesale pet water fountain wholesale pet water feeder


How to order:

  1. ADD TO QUOTE REQUEST LIST, our professional sale people will answer your all questions and send your official quotation.
  2. Payment: we accept flexible payment, Cash, T/T, L/C, Paypal, Google pay, Apple pay, Credit card…, contact us for details.
  3. Leading time: 3-7 days
  4. Shipping methods: Express of DHL, FedEx, UPS, and ocean logistics
  5. Shipping time: 7 dyas for express shipping, 25-28 days for ocean logistics

FAQs of products

Founddream is a famous trademark of pet supplies wholesale industry in China, which is a trusted and outstanding wholesaler of all retailers of pet supplies in the world. We are a trade company of pet supplies and pet accessories. We have our professional teams of marketing, design, QC, and sales. We also offer OEM and ODM business to our clients around the world.
We are a trade company with many series of pet supplies. We are main offering the customer the design, quality control, wholesale price, logistics, and sales service. Generally We are the customer's purchasing representative in China. So we also help our customers to solve the any trouble and difficults in their business.
Most of time, our price is lower than the sales price of manufacturers. Generally, in the industry of pet supplies, all manufactuers depend the wholesalers, because there are many categories of pet supplies, but one factory only produces one or two series, one factory cannot produce many categories of pet supplies. The retailers need some more categories of pet supplies, so most retailers will purchase the products from the wholesalers instead of manufacturers. In china, there are 3 levels of price in all facctories: cost price≤wholesales price≤sales price. You will get a higher price of the products which the manufacturer doesnot produce by themselve, they will buy from some other manufacturers, but they are competitors, we are good friends of them .
1, Different focus of work: wholesalers focus on market popular style change, and manufacturers focus the production. Factories respond less quickly to the market than wholesalers 2, Wholesalers have more international trade talents than factories and provide more professional and faster services. 3, Wholesalers have their own inspection teams, which work more seriously than the factory's own inspection teams. 4, Wholesalers sell more categories at the same time, and factories can produce only a few. 5, Wholesalers are good friends with all manufacturers, but manufacturers compete with each other.
you can add to the quote list or send us your inquiry list by email at our official email id: . Our professional sales team will deal with it for you immediately.
You can pay for it by paypal, credit card, or bank wire transfer, and L/C. You also can contact us if you need any other payment items.
Generally the package is carton or plastic bag, Some large size products will have package of wooden case.
You can send us any feedbacks by email at our official email ID:, we will reply you within 48 hrs.

Founddream or Customization logo


PP cotton




Dogs and Cats

Leading time


Shipping time



Cash, T/T, L/C, Paypal, Google pay, Apple pay, Credit card






Blue, Grey


USB, America standard, Europe standard, British standard, Korea standard, Japanese standard, Australia standard

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