Why you should use a shower filter for pets?

shower filter for pets

Pet is a member in the family, so you should prepare a shower filter for pets, your dogs and cats will be very enjoy it.

Using a shower filter for your pets can provide several benefits for their overall health and well-being. Here are a few reasons why using a shower filter is beneficial:

  1. Removal of Chlorine and Chemicals: Most tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals, which are added to treat and disinfect the water supply. However, these chemicals can be harsh on your pet’s sensitive skin and coat. A shower filter for pets can effectively remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals, providing a gentler and healthier bathing experience for your pets.
  2. Reduction of Skin Irritation: Pets with sensitive skin or existing skin conditions can experience dryness, itchiness, and irritation when exposed to chlorine and other chemicals in tap water. By using a shower filter, you can minimize these irritants, helping to alleviate discomfort and promote healthier skin.
  3. Protection against Heavy Metals: In some areas, tap water may contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, or copper. These metals can have adverse effects on your pet’s health if ingested or absorbed through the skin. A shower filter with a built-in filtration system can effectively remove or reduce these heavy metals, providing an added layer of protection for your pets.
  4. Healthier Coat and Fur: Chlorine and chemicals in tap water can strip the natural oils from your pet’s coat, leaving it dry, dull, and prone to breakage. Using a shower filter can help maintain the natural moisture balance of their skin and coat, resulting in healthier, shinier fur.
  5. Reduced Odor: Some pets can have a distinct odor due to their skin’s pH balance or natural oils. Chlorine and chemicals in tap water can exacerbate this odor. By using a shower filter, you can minimize the impact of these substances on your pet’s skin, helping to reduce unpleasant odors.

It is important to note that different shower filters may vary in their filtration capabilities. Look for filters specifically designed to remove chlorine, chemicals, and heavy metals from water. Additionally, consult with your veterinarian for specific recommendations based on your pet’s needs.

By investing in a shower filter for pets, you can provide a more comfortable and healthier bathing experience for your pets, promoting their overall well-being and maintaining the quality of their skin and coat.

You will use the water from the water supply company if you stay in the city, you also will use the water from the river if you stay outside of the county. The water is safe at most of time. But the water supply company will clean it by chemical materials and there are heavy materials in the water some times. So you should THE FOUNDDREAM® SHOWER FILTER GIVES YOU A CLEANER SHOWER to get the soft water BY REMOVING CHLORINE, IMPURITIES, & UNPLEASANT ODORS .

A shower filter helps keep water for bathing clean and safe to use. What’s more, it can reduce harmful substances in the water, which in turn helps prevent skin rashes and other health problems.

What are the best shower filters?

There are many models of shower filters. You can select it according to your requirement. You can compare the different shower filters in the store of founddream, we recommend you three models shower filters:

The first model is the shower filter of softener water BY REMOVING CHLORINE, IMPURITIES, & UNPLEASANT ODORS BY 15 STAGES. You will get the activated carbon water and avoiding the hard water. Well water can contain certain contaminants and may have an unpleasant odor. A shower head filter, like this one from founddream store, may help. It’s designed to remove chlorine, heavy metals like rust and iron, and other chemicals from the water. It can be used with most showers, including handheld and rainfall showers, and can be installed without tools. One filter lasts about six months, depending on the quality of your water, and an extra filter is included.

  • Purified water activates your cells
  • increases the oxygen content in your blood
  • The end result is a more softer and cleaner shower than you’ve ever experienced before
  • slows down aging and makes your skin smooth

The second model is scented shower filter which is Chlorine-removal Moisturized and Whiten skin, we call it vitamin shower filter. Especially there are 12 good smells.

  • Protect skin
  • Hair repair
  • Baby health care
  • It smells great
  • The end result is a more softer and cleaner shower than you’ve ever experienced before

The third model is clean shower filter which is household tap water clean filter by PP cotton. This type shower filter is cheaper, which is suitable for suitable for places where water quality is not very bad. You only need clean water and have removal of chlorine. Of course it will be better for your health without the chlorine.

  • Clean water
  • Removal of chlorine

What to Look for in a Shower Filter Know What You’re Filtering?

From chlorine to hard water minerals, different places have different water concerns to address. Selecting a good shower filter is important. While most shower filters will filter out a variety of substances, you’ll want to find one that will filter the substances found specifically in your water for optimal results. The three types of shower filters in our store of founddream are the popular used models.


Shower filters come in two options: a filtered shower head or an inline filter that connects between your current shower head and the water line. While both can be easy to install and use, inline options generally have more universal adapters, making them a great choice if you really like the spray pattern and water pressure of your current shower head.


Some shower filters come with different settings, such as rainfall or power massage to help you curate your favorite shower experience. Rainfall settings reduce the pressure of the water as it comes out of the shower head so that it feels more like you are bathing in heavy rain instead of standing in a shower. How advanced you want your shower head to be is entirely up to you.


Your shower filter should elevate your shower experience instead of making it messy. A shower filter shouldn’t leak or crack after a few uses, so if a product seems weak or fragile, then it may be a good idea to opt for a different shower filter. Also, consider your water pressure. It’s likely that adding a filter to the shower will reduce the water pressure, though this drop shouldn’t be significant. If you find your filter has significantly decreased the water pressure in the shower, it may be best to find another one.

Easy installation

The best shower filters last for years and are durable, easy to handle, and use materials that can intercept any junk in the water supply. You should select the shower filters with the universal connection. All shower filters of founddream have universal connection which will fit all soft pipes.


How to choose a good shower filter?

Besides the range of filter types available, you’ll want to keep a few other considerations in mind when you choose the best shower filter for your home.

  • Lifespan and Replacement Filters
  • Water Purification Abilities
  • Light weight
  • Adjustability
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