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Foundream:What are the essential garden tools for home gardening?

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A good home gardening and planting life is inseparable from good gardening tools. Gardening tools are not only tools for people who love gardening and planting, but also an essential booster for the pursuit of delicate gardening life and the creation of ideal garden. But many people are confused on how to choose gardening tools.There is a wide variety of gardening tools for your choose, such as hand tools, pruning tools, watering tools, tillage products, digging tools and so on. Different home gardening plant needs different garden tool. We suggest you will buy these tools for your garden use, let’s see what gardening tools there are!

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First of all, hand tools are essential for home gardening, whether it is small pot care or small area of green planting.

For example, shovel, loosen soil, open land, weeding and so on all need to use hand shovel, three claw, hand fork, weeding device, garden groves with claws, and so on. Hand tools series products are also extremely rich in categories, how to choose the right tools in a wide variety of products, it must be based on the reality, if the family balcony small pot planting, the conventional three-piece set can basically meet the needs of daily planting; If it is a yard garden, you can equip some medium handle fork, shovel, draftsman, etc., these are used in the daily use of gardening tools in the home.

Garden groves

Secondly, the indispensable gardening and pruning tools and watering tools.

From the actual point of view, the small range of gardening and green pruning operations are generally equipped with high utilization rate of pruning and flower pruning, just like founddream pruning and flower pruning, these two tools are unique in material selection and design, using SK5 high carbon steel + ash material ingenuity. Equipped with steel springs that automatically spring back and save time and effort, Founddream is a good credit brand of online shope, which maximizes the quality and comfort of the gardening tool. For large-area planting and pruning of large branches or hedges, coarse branch shears and hedge shears are preferred. It should be noted that hedge shears have thin mouth and can only be used to cut the tender shoots, rather than the woody thick branches. Therefore, the combination of coarse branch shears and hedge shears is often used more frequently in horticultural pruning, and is an indispensable “little assistant” for professional horticulturists.

Finally, there are indispensable watering tools for green plants.

From small watering pot, long-spout pot to pneumatic watering pot, sprayer, water pipe truck, so many different watering tools have so different functions. But it is known that long-spout pot and pneumatic watering pot are the most frequently used in home gardening. Because most people’s home gardening is limited to small courtyards and balconies. Long mouth pot and various sizes of watering can not only practical, the design is more exquisite, every pattern is measured by the designer design, so that every watering tool to show the exquisite handicraft.

water tool

Gardening tools are gardeners’ “nice assistants”. The gardening tools that each gardener should be equipped with should be based on your requirement and operation. Of course, the necessary gardening tools are not only hand tools, pruning and watering tools, but also several functional tools such as digging and ploughing. Exquisite appearance design is the ornament of home gardening and planting life, such gardening tools, you deserve to have it from online store of!

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