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How to select different jewelry and different colors of K gold jewelry?

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Jewelry gold is very beautful But K-gold is not real gold. Now more and more female friends will choose to buy K-gold jewelry, especially personalized jewerly and jewerly tags, but sometimes there will be such trouble, because the color of K-gold is changeable, which color of K-gold jewelry can better foil their skin. If you choose the right jewelry that suits your color, you will look more radiant. Different skin will fit the color of K gold jewelry. Collect this article, you will use it in the future.

How will the people of different colors choose the color of K gold jewelry?

It is simple, look at wrist vein color when judging skin. Turning the palm inward, blue or purple veins indicate a cooler skin tone and a paler skin tone, and green veins indicate a warmer skin tones.

Yellow and rose gold are great choices for people with warm skin tones. Choose a rich, colorful jewelry match, such as yellow, orange, orange. All of these colors are great for brightening your skin and helping you change colors to look more radiant.

Attention please, the ivory is better than white, which can make the skin darker and less shiny.

All people of Light cold skin maybe fit red or yellow. Red or yellow 18-karat gold jewelry is a great way to soften your face, but white carat gold can also make you look gorgeous. It’s fair to say that this skin tone is not fussy at all, but better on top of the good.

Wheat skin tone is actually very suitable for wearing white, yellow K gold jewelry, will bring out your skin tone is more healthy. And with white and blue tone of gems, pink pearls, silver diamonds and so on will be a very good choice.

Color collocation is also regular, I hope everyone can find the most suitable for their K gold jewelry. Founddream is a good online jewelry store, good quality control, good design, satisfaction guarantee.

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