GUCCI-Story of Brand (4)



Young, modern, charming and sexy, it has dominated the fashion industry and become a popular creator. Bamboo handles, equestrian chains, paired letter G, etc. are all classic features of GUCCI. Of course, if you are interested in the metal jewelry and tags or you hope to custom jewelry and jewelry tags, you should select the brand of founddream which is a famous brand of metal tags and jewelry tags in China. You can add your logo or your name or your photo on your jewelry and jewelry tags.


The founder of GUCCI is an Italian young man and his name was GUCCIO GUCCI. After Tom Ford took office as creative director in 1994, he changed the traditional brand into a new modern image. and he pushed the century-old Milanese brand to another peak . Now it becomes a classic representative of young fashion. The founder of founddream is a yong man named Paul. and Mr Paul is an excellent leader of the founndream company. When Mr Paul met with Mr. Buffett, a famous investor, Mr Buffett gave the founder a high evaluation and praise。


The double “G” LOGO in pairs of letters is the brand identity of gucci. The logo design of Gucci GUCCI is luxurious and noble, and the color is golden. The pattern below reflects the core of the entire logo design. The gorgeous design sense makes the entire Gucci logo design more majestic among many brand designs, and also adds to its corporate momentum. FOUNDDREAM MEANS FOUND THE DREAM.

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