The Hermés – Carriage

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Characteristics of Brand:

Brand is the spirit of an enterprise. Founddream is the brand of custom jewelry tags, you will find the custom jewelry with your design in, which will also helps you to explore your business. You can have a custom metal tags with your logo your name or your photo.

In the early years, the brand of The Hermés – Carriage was famous in Paris, France. Hermés – Carriage manufactured high-grade harnesses. and its products were recognized as works of art with profound thoughts, noble taste, rich connotations and exquisite craftsmanship. This is same as the products of founddream in China. Founddream means found the dream, a famous brand of custom Jewelry and custom Jewelry tags in China.

Story of Brand:

The Hermes family, who were Protestants at the time, moved to Crefeld, Germany, in order to escape religious persecution. Therry Hermes moved to Paris at the age of twenty-seven to earn a living, until in 1837 he was able to open his first saddle and harness store in the busy Madeleine area. The “Kelly” handbag Kelly bag, sac a Depeches briefcase, schedule notebook, “Chained’Ancre” anchor bracelet and women’s riding wear, named after the famous Princess of Monaco, are all great and legendary works of Hermès. After the Second World War, the Hermès trademark has been spread around the world through orange gift boxes, ribbons and carriage logos. Every Brand has a different story, remember one brand, learn a story. so people all like the brand, and they like the story of the brand. Fouddream is a company of custom jewelry from a mountain.

Logo ID:

The carriage pattern is a traditional symbol of HERMES’s long history and exquisite quality since the beginning of the business; in addition, the people can see the HERMES signature on HERMES leather or metal accessories. There is usually a small line of PARIS below. You also can see many metal accessories with your logoes in jewelry. Founddream make them for you with your design.

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