Founddream®Scented Vitamin Bath Shower Filter Chlorine-removal Moisturized and Whiten skin


You will have a clean and fragrance bath at home or on the trip with out scented shower filter:

Is the bath water safe enough for you?  More and more people select founddream® shower filter, especially the Scented Vitamin Bath Shower Filter. Take care of the skin, give it vitamins ! Moisturized and Whiten skin, you will looks more beautiful and healthy.

  • Protect skin
  • Hair repair
  • Baby health care
  • It smells great
  • The end result is a more softer and cleaner shower than you’ve ever experienced before

shower filter

How it works:

This type filter has natural Vitamin C, snail slime, natural plant essential oil, and calcium sulfide filter stone which is helpful to moisturize and whiten skin and to remove dead skin cells without feeling skin dryness or tightness.When your skin absorbs Vitamin C, the collagen layer helps to regenerate the skin. This is helpful in the reduction of wrinkles, the improvement of pigmentation due to lifeless skin, freckles and blemishes, and in making your skin tone clean and clear.Built-in filter filters impurities and heavy metal substances in tap water. With moisturizing and nutritious elements added to the water, relieving and dry skin troubles can be achievable.

shower filter

  • Clean water
  • Supply vitamin
  • Removal of chlorine

shower filter

Unclean water will easily cause various skin discomfort problem.

Shower Filter

Beauty and skin care:

It will relieve dry and itchy skin, keep your skin clean, most, smooth, and delicate. Beautiful hair shows inner charm. It stronger your hair after you often use the H201 shower filter for your bath.

Beautiful hair shows inner charm

12 Smells for your selection:

There are total 12 smells of the scented shower filter. You can buy different smell depending on your insteresting.

  • Lavender | Peach | Rose | Lemon | Pine Forest | Strawberry | Sakura | Osmanthus | Milk | Jasmine | Lily | Ylang Flower


Easy Installation:

  • Model: universal

Beautiful hair shows inner charm



Mini compact and portable, the size is near to a mobile, you can carry it easy when travelling.

Beautiful hair shows inner charm Beautiful hair shows inner charm


Lavender, Peach, Rose, Lemon, Pine Forest, Strawberry, Sakura, Osmanthus, Milk, Jasmine, Lily, Ylang Flower


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