What is the birthstone of the people born in September?

Sapphire jewelry

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s period of birth that is usually the month or zodiac sign. Birthstones are often worn as jewelry or as a pendant necklace. If you have not so much money to buy a birthstone, now many guys design a personalized jewelry and engrave a logo of birthstone on it. It is so smart design. Are you interested in it also? Founddream is an online store of personalized jewelry customization.

History of birthstones

For centuries, sapphires have decorated those of royal standing and the robes of the clergy. Clerics in the Middle Ages prized the sapphire as a symbol of heaven, while ancient Persians believed that the sky’s blue hue was due to the earth resting atop a giant sapphire gem. It will be great that you have a personalized jewelry with the birthstone.

The first century historian Josephus believed there was a connection between the twelve stones in Aaron’s breastplate (signifying the tribes of Israel, as described in the Book of Exodus), the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Translations and interpretations of the passage in Exodus regarding the breastplate have varied widely, with Josephus himself giving two different lists for the twelve stones.  George Frederick Kunz argues that Josephus saw the breastplate of the Second Temple, not the one described in Exodus. St. Jerome, referencing Josephus, said the Foundation Stones of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:19–20) would be appropriate for Christians to use.

In the eighth and ninth century, religious treatises associating a particular stone with an apostle were written, so that “their name would be inscribed on the Foundation Stones, and his virtue.” Practice became to keep twelve stones and wear one a month.The custom of wearing a single birthstone is only a few centuries old, though modern authorities differ on dates. Kunz places the custom in eighteenth century Poland, while the Gemological Institute of America starts it in Germany in the 1560s.

In 1912, in an effort to standardize birthstones, the (American) National Association of Jewelers (now called Jewelers of America) met in Kansas and officially adopted a list.

Historians tell us that that sapphires have been mined in Sri Lanka for more than 2,000 years, while the first documented modern discovery of a major sapphire deposit was in 1881 in Kashmir — discovered when a landslide in the Himalayas exposed a large amount of the stunning blue crystals. Until 1887, Kashmir was the premiere producer of sapphires, but that has slowed in the decades since. Currently, most sapphires come from Sri Lanka, Burma, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Madagascar.

Eastern culture recognizes a similar range of gemstones associated with birth, though rather than associating a gem with a birth month, gemstones are associated with celestial bodies, and astrology is employed to determine the gemstones most closely associated with and beneficial to a particular individual. For example, in Hinduism there are nine gemstones associated with the Navagraha (celestial forces including the planets, the sun, and the moon), known in Sanskrit as Navaratna (nine gems). At birth, an astrological chart is calculated, and certain stones are recommended to be worn on the body to ward off potential problems based on the place of these forces in the sky at the exact place and time of birth.

If You Were Born in September, Sapphire is Your Birthstone

Customing a jewelry with sapphire is very difficult. It is too expensive. But customing a personalized jewelry with logo of sapphire is so easy. You are sure that you have many jewelries, but you maybe have not a jewelry with an engraved logo. Sapphire, one of six birthstones to have a month of its own, has traditionally been a symbol of truth, sincerity, loyalty, faithfulness, romantic yearning, and nobility. Like most gems, sapphire also has its fair share of purported healing powers, including the following:

  • Medieval Europeans regarded the sapphire as a cure for eye diseases and plague boils. It was also believed to be an antidote to poison.
  • An old Italian superstition held that sapphire was not just a cure for eye diseases, but also for melancholy.
  • In Ancient Greece and Rome, the elite class believed that sapphires could protect their owners from harm and envy.
  • The name “sapphire” is thought to come from the Greek word sappheiros, which literally means “a blue stone.” Some linguists, however, believe the name came from a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “dear to Saturn.”

Cleaning and Care of a Sapphire

Perhaps one of the reasons sapphires are favored for jewelry that lasts generations is its durability. Sapphire is a 9 on the Mohs scale, meaning it is extremely tough. It also has no cleavage, which is a gem’s tendency to break when struck. And while all of this means it’s a wonderful choice for daily wear, sapphire must be well maintained to ensure its color or clarity.

Before you buy a sapphire, always ask if it is treatedor untreated. Treated sapphire, which is very common, has been exposed to extremely high temperatures, which permanently enhances the stone’s clarity and color. Untreated sapphire indicates that the gemstone in question is completely natural (i.e., not created in a laband hasn’t been subjected to any heat or chemical treatments). If you’re in the market for a sapphire and you can afford it, untreated may be the way to go. That’s because untreated sapphire is more difficult to find, making it rare and therefore more valuable than one that’s already been treated. There’s a tradeoff though. Untreated sapphire tends to be dull and less vibrant that its treated brethren.

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