High-level team arrives to help disaster relief in Henan

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There are dam breaches along the Weihe River in Xinxiang and Hebi, Henan province, according to media reports.

A team headed by Zhou Xuewen, secretary general of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, has arrived at Xinxiang to guide local disaster relief work after the city in Henan was lashed by torrential rains.

The team consists of officials from four central government bodies, including the ministries of emergency management and water resources.

The downpours from Wednesday evening to Thursday afternoon in the city have triggered flood control alert in several rivers and left some villages isolated, according to a media release from the Ministry of Emergency Management on Friday.

Local flood control headquarters said meteorological stations in the city reported a highest precipitation of 907 millimeters from 8 am Saturday to 6 am Thursday, compared with an average annual precipitation of 573 millimeters.

The team has dispatched 40 assault boats and two sets of pontoons to the city to facilitate local authorities’ rescue endeavor.

It has also asked local authorities to make all-out efforts to ensure the safety of residents and rescuers.

The work to restore local power supply, communication and transportation systems should be accelerated to bring production and life in the city back to normal as soon as possible, it said.

It also asked to relocate all residents in areas with safety hazards to safe areas. “Not a single people should be left behind.”

The team vows to dispatch daily necessities and other materials in a timely manner to meet local people’s needs.

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