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The use of tags?

When you are looking for the blank metal tags or engraved tags, Founddream is the best one.

Founddream has been manufacturing blank metal tags for engraving since 1988. We’ve steadily improved our processes and capabilities from that time, upgrading our state-of-the-art equipment. We’re committed to being the industry-leading supplier of blank metal tags and plates. This commitment has positioned us to offer better prices than any other American tags manufacturer. Further, we’re very competitive with overseas suppliers.

Our blank metal tags are sold to companies that engrave or stamp them and sell them to their customers. These companies personalize them for their use in daily business activities. There’s been a steady rise in the number of businesses buying our tags and choosing to engrave them in-house. This is due to the increase in availability of affordable laser engraving machines on the market today.

Blank Metal Tags are Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Brass

Anodized Aluminum
If you need colored blank metal tags, then anodized aluminum is what you need. Being available in eleven colors makes our blank anodized aluminum tags ideal for color-coding or matching a team, company, or organization color. Aluminum tags are also lightweight and the anodized surface is very scratch-resistant.

Rotary engraving our anodized aluminum tags results in the engraving being silver in color in contrast to the surface color. Laser engraving results in white text in contrast to the surface color of the aluminum. The engraving will always show up better with darker colored aluminum.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is the toughest material we offer. It’s a very hard and corrosion-resistant metal.

When you rotary engrave our blank stainless steel tags, the engraving is easy to read because of its depth. In contrast, when you laser engrave our stainless steel tags there’s excellent contrast between the lettering and the background because the engraving is dark brown/gray on the shiny silver stainless surface.

Engraving with a CO2 laser works on stainless steel when the tag is coated with a special chemical spray. Alternatively, engraving with a fiber laser needs no coating.

Stainless steel blank metal tags are available in Type 430 which is the most common, Type 304 which is more resistant to corrosion and Type 316 for applications demanding extreme corrosion resistance.

Brass remains a favorite with many of our customers due to its corrosion resistance and classic good looks.

Our brass is available in a decorative lacquer coated finish for projects that require a clean finished look. Brass is also available in an industrial tumbled and polished finish.

When you rotary engrave our blank brass tags, the engraving is easy to read because of its depth. Alternatively, when you laser engrave, the engraving is well contrasted due to the dark brown engraving on the bright brass surface. You can utilize a fiber laser to engrave Brass. However, CO2 lasers won’t work due to the different wavelengths of CO2 lasers.

Blank Metal Tags can be made in any custom shape or size up to 24″ x 48″

  • What can our products be used for?
  • Asset Tagging
  • Valve Labeling
  • Lockers
  • Equipment Tagging
  • Inventory
  • General Identification
  • Key Tags
  • Nameplates
  • Name Badges
  • Data Plates
  • Tree and Plant Tagging
  • Pets
  • Promotions
  • Barcodes
  • Blank Military Dog Tags
  • Tool Chits

Which industries use our blank metal tags?
The number of industries deciding to do their own engraving is rapidly increasing due to the availability of inexpensive, easy-to-use laser engraving machines on the market today. Here are a few industries that benefit most from doing their own engraving in-house.

Oil and Gas
Power Plants

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