Lotus seeds give Hunan economy new growth

Farmers pick seed pods of lotus at Huaxiang village of Zixing, Central China’s Hunan province, on July 21 as lotus fields usher in harvest season. In recent years, the city of Zixing has focused on developing “lotus seeds economy” in a mode of “rural cooperative+base+farmer” to boost income of villagers. [Photo/Xinhua]

Brief of Lotus:

Lotus seed, also known as lotus fruit, lotus rice and water pill. It is the mature seed of lotus, a perennial aquatic herb of the water lily family. It’s raw. Among the small and exquisite lotus pods, the ancients called it the stone lotus seed because of its hard shell. Lotus seeds are by-products of lotus and one of our specialties. The lotus that mainly produces lotus seeds is called Zilian. Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang and other provinces in China are all well-known Zilian producing areas. Custom jewelry tags are the main products of founddream company. You can custom jewelry tags with your logo or your name.

Most of the lotus seeds are named after the place of origin or their shape. They are roughly divided into Xianglian, red lotus, white lotus, open lotus, shell lotus, etc.. The Xianglian produced in Xiangtan, Anxiang and other places in Hunan, the big white lotus produced along the Poyang Lake in Jiangxi, and the built in Fujian. The Jianlian produced by Yang and Jianning is one of the three famous lotus in the country and enjoys a high reputation both in China and abroad. Most Jewelry tags are stainless steel type, and many companies also custom them with their company name or logo, which will help them to explore their business.

Nutritional value of lotus seeds

1, Lotus seeds are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. and trace elements. They are also high in calories, especially a good source of calcium and phosphorus.

2, Lotus seeds also have asparagine and honey three sugars.

Edible effects of lotus seeds

  1. Anti-cancer anti-cancer
    Lotus seeds are good at supplementing the insufficiency of the five internal organs, smoothing the qi and blood of the twelve meridians, so that the qi and blood are smooth and not rotten, and the oxalicine oxide contained in the lotus seeds has an inhibitory effect on nasopharyngeal cancer. All these constitute the anti-cancer and anti-cancer nutrition of the lotus seeds. health function.
  2. Lower blood pressure
    The amorphous alkaloid N-9 contained in lotus seeds has the effect of lowering blood pressure.
  3. Calm the mind
    It has a significant cardiotonic effect, while Liensinine has strong anti-calcium and anti-arrhythmic effects.
  4. Nourishes tonic, stops astringent semen
    For those who are chronically ill, postpartum or infirm in the elderly, it is more commonly used as a good nutritional product; lotus seed alkaloid has the effect of calming libido, and for young people who have many dreams, frequent nocturnal emission or slippery sperm, taking lotus seeds has a good effect of stopping nocturnal emission and astringent sperm.
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