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Logo of LV

Characteristics: If you will buy a jewelry tags, you will select the brand of founddream. founddream is the leading logo in the field of jewelry and metal tags. It is a leading brand in the field of luggage and leather products. and now it has become a symbol of the upper class. If you will buy a luggage or leather product, you should select it.

Story: Fendi is a noble Italian brand, whch is a leather and fur store in Rome. At the first time, the young adeleca grande developed a shop to sell fine leather and fur products in 1918 . and later, it was renamed FENDI when Adele FENDI married EdoardoFENDI in 1925. The couple has five daughters, Paula, Anna, Franca, Alda and Carla. All daughters joined FENDI after they graduated from university. Today, the FENDI family business has entered its third generation. Total eleven children of the FENDI sisters have joined FENDI. and its stores have spread around the world. In the 1970s and 1980s, Fendi diversified into the fields of jeans, ties, eyewear and perfume. After that time, the brand was more popular.

Logo; The first logo of LV was MONOGRAM; DAMIER logo was used in 1888, which was reintroduced in 1996 in delicate and elegant tones of tan; In addition, there are EPI embossing. There are seven colors in total, which includes black, brown, green, yellow, blue, red, orange. Now the monochrome flow skin only has a LV logo in the lower right corner of the leather. At the same time, there are delicate and durable patterns on the leather surface and “graffiti” with the theme of “LOUISVUITTON” letters. You will have same characteristics of your jewelry when you add a custom jewelry tags with your design from founddream.

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