10 products ideas in pet supplies category to sell on amazon

Founddream is a large manufacturers and wholesalers of pet supplies in China, most customers of ours are retail stores, amazon dealers, animal hospitals and pet grooming salons.

Especially we offer good service to help our customers label the products and packing base on their FBA requirement. Our customers can save more time to have a nice coffee after they place the orders.

10 hot sales products of ours:

  1. Elevated Pet Bowls:
    • Good design elevated pet bowls can improve the feeding posture of pets, which will provide comfort and reducing the strain on their neck and back. This is a health products.
  2. Interactive Puzzle Feeders:
    • Puzzle feeders will stimulate pets mentally and slow down their eating, which can promot a healthier digestion process for the dogs and cats.
  3. Pet Calming Products:
    • Pet calming products include calming collars, diffusers, or sprays designed to reduce stress and anxiety in pets, especially during travel or in new environments, most pet owners like it.
  4. Pet First Aid Kits:
    • Pets are members in one family, all pet keepers will prepare a good quality comprehensive first aid kits for them, including essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and instructions for pet owners.
  5. Natural and Organic Pet Treats:
    • Using high-quality ingredients, Natural and organic pet treats will cater to pet owners looking for healthy options for their furry friends.
  6. Biodegradable Waste Bags:
    • This is a new style of bag of environmentally friendly waste bags for pet owners who prioritize sustainability when cleaning up after their pets.
  7. Pet Toothbrush and Dental Care Kits:
    • Dental care kits contain toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental treats promote good oral health in pets.
  8. Reflective Pet Gear:
    • Collars, leashes, and harnesses with reflective materials will enhance visibility during nighttime walks, ensuring the safety of both pets and owners.
  9. Customizable Pet ID Tags:
    • Personalized ID tags with unique designs and customization options for pet owners will add their contact information. Dogs will lost their way at any time.
  10. Automatic Pet Feeders:
    • Automatic pet feeders with programmable features, portion control, and smartphone connectivity always provide convenience for pet owners. Pet owners will have no worry about their pet again.
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