8 Different Types of Dog Collars

Collars are worn by dogs for training, walking, identification, or even fashion. There are various types of dog collars designed for different purposes.

  1. Flat Collar: This is the standard collar for everyday use. It usually has a buckle or snap closure and is used for attaching ID tags and leashes.
  2. Martingale Collar: Often used for dogs with narrow heads (like Greyhounds), it tightens when the dog pulls, preventing them from slipping out of the collar.
  3. Harness: A harness goes around the dog’s chest and can be more comfortable, distributing pressure more evenly. It’s a good choice for dogs that tend to pull on the leash.
  4. Choke Chain: Used in training, a choke chain tightens when the leash is pulled, providing a corrective signal to the dog. It should be used with caution and proper training.
  5. Prong Collar (Pinch Collar): Similar to the choke chain, it provides a correction when pulled but has prongs that apply pressure to the dog’s neck. It should be used with professional guidance.
  6. Head Collar: This collar fits around the dog’s head and is used to control pulling. It’s not recommended for all dogs and may require proper introduction.
  7. Breakaway Collar: Designed for safety, this collar is equipped with a quick-release mechanism that opens if the dog gets caught on something, preventing choking.
  8. Bark Collar: These collars are designed to discourage excessive barking. They can emit sounds, vibrations, or mild shocks when the dog barks.

Rolled leather collars are durable and less likely to cause hair loss or parting. Always be sure your dog’s collar has a name tag with your current contact information in case he gets lost.

Martingale collars are used to prevent dogs from slipping out of collars while walking on a leash. Though the collars tighten slightly with a tug of the leash, they do not tighten enough to cause discomfort and there is a stopping mechanism to prevent further closure on the neck. They tighten just enough to prevent a dog from slipping out of the collar. This is especially helpful in dogs with wide necks and narrow heads, like greyhounds, who can be at risk for slipping out of a traditional collar. Often made out of nylon or similar material, Martingale collars are available in a variety of colors and designs. These collars are especially suited for sighthounds but can be used on most dog breeds.

If you are seeking dog leash and collars, you will not miss the harness. Harnesses are designed for placement around a dog’s chest and abdomen, crossing over the back. A leash can be attached to the top of the harness. Some dog owners prefer harnesses over collars, especially for dogs with a tendency to pull, because they put no pressure on the neck.

Harnesses are ideal for dogs with medical problems in the neck, back, and airway and should be used in dogs predisposed to these problems, such as small breed dogs. While a traditional harness is not a training device, some harnesses are designed to deter pulling, such as the Easy Walk Harness, which clips in the front of the chest to prevent pulling. Welcome to visit our official website to check more products of pet supplies and pet accesssories, which all are good quality, reasonable price, Low MOQ. We also offer OEM and ODM production servie ,you can custom the products or custom your package.

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