How to select a good leash rope for dogs?

Why will the pet keepers need dog leash?

All dog owners have bought the leash rope for dogs. There are many reasons why pet owners need dog leashes. One of the most important reasons is that leashes protect pets from traffic and unrestrained animals. Accidents or animal bites are greatly reduced when responsible pet owners obey the leash law. An obedient and well-behaved dog is a positive reflection of its owner.

Leash laws also protect wildlife. Even a well-behaved dog staying within visual range of his or her owner can disrupt sensitive animals or endangered plant species as they venture off of the beaten path. Dog leash is a good pet products for the retailers and wholesalers, all of them have a good sales. You should have a good supplier if you are a retailer. You can visit our to check the products of ours, or you can send me your detail inquiry by email, or contact us by whatsapp, you will get good price and good quality products for your stores. We can ship the leash rope for dogs to your warehouse directly from China, which is same as your local purchase.

Tips of how to select the dog leash?

When selecting a leash rope for your dog, it’s important to consider the following tips:

  • Choose a light weight leash for small dogs, a chew-proof leash for teething puppies, and a strong leash for large dogs.
  • Be sure to select a leash with a strong clip, the clip should be strong enough to withstand dog pulling and lunging.
  • You can use a leather dog leash for everyday use.
  • Adjustable leashes are a great option for when you need to shorten the leash temporarily, need to tether your dog to your body or to a tree or post, or even walk two dogs at once using one leash.

History of the dog leash?

The use of dog leashes dates back to ancient times. In Egypt, leashes were used in training dogs to hunt and protect people, and some Egyptians who kept dogs as pets had them mummified with them after death. Roman women walked Italian greyhounds on leashes. Roman dogs used in warfare were protected with metal armor. Greek sheepdogs wore nail-covered leather collars to protect against predators.

The first dog leash patent hit the books in the United States in 1908. Called simply a “leading device,” the plan promised “certain new and useful improvements,” such as a drum and spring allowing the chain to be paid out in stages.

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