Should you buy from factory or a wholesaler

Buying from manufacturer or wholesaler, different buyer has different selection, different product has different selection. More and more buyers of pet supplies prefer to buy pet accessories from wholesalers instead of manufacturers. The main reasons are as follows:

1, There are too many types and styles of pet supplies and pet accessories. Generally one factory only can produce one or two types pet supplies. But an retailer or a wholesaler of pet supplies and pet accessories will sell many series of products in their stores. It means that the buyer have to purchase the pet accessories from many different factories.

2, As a buyer, you will have more risk on the quality control, logistics, payment, and after-sales service if you buy the products from many different factories. You should arrange many people to manage it, it will increase the cost of the buyers.

3, As a retailer or wholesaler, you will pay much time on the chain of sales for your store. If you purchase the products from a good wholesaler, he will finish much works for you, for example, he will offer you lower price, lower MOQ, good service, fast respond, etc.

4, Generally wholesaler has good sales, so the manufacturers will offer them a very lower wholesale price. In fact, the manufacturers will offer a higher price to their customers than that they offer to the wholesalers. some time , if you buy from the manufacturer, maybe you will get a higher price than you buy from wholesaler. All manufacturers have a higher price of retail.

5, The manufacturers will spend many people and much time on the production and quality control, manufacturing is their main work. so they have no more experience on the service. But all wholesalers have better experience on their service.

6, The buyer purchases from wholesaler instead of manufacturer, the wholesaler will guarantee them good quality and safe payment. In case of quality problem, the wholesaler will solve it faster than the manufacturer. Because the wholesale is the main sales chain for the manufacturer, so the manufacturer will solve the problem for the wholesaler, otherwise other wholesalers will not purchase the products from this manufacturer. This manufacturers will lost more market, and they will not hope so. But if you are a small buyer, the manufacturer maybe delay to solve the problem for you.

In china, we have a chinese saying, Professional people to do profession things. If you have a good partner of wholesaler, it will be good for your business. Now many good wholesalers have their own design team, QC team, Logistics team and aftersales team.

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