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Any Business Can Benefit From Customized Locker Tags

why do you need a customed tag?

Any business, that relies on a place for its staff or patrons to store their belongings, is a business that requires clearly marked lockers using locker tags. Simply numbering those lockers is the normal first step. But, customizing those locker tags with employee names, or using fun and creative ways to mark individual lockers and banks of lockers, makes locating belongings faster and easier, and makes everyone’s day better.

Ready to bring order to your business’s locker room with a few top-of-the-line locker tags? We’ve got you covered.

Here are five types of situations that benefit from the use of custom locker tags.

Retail Establishments

With clearly labeled employee lockers, your employees have a secure area to store their belongings while at work. And, by giving each employee a locker with their own name on it, they’ll be able to quickly locate and safely store their personal items, as well as, their work items they need every day.

  1. Parks and Malls
    When shopping or out having fun, patrons often need a place to store belongings to free them up to enjoy their day and not be weighed down by lugging around belongings. Lockers, clearly marked with locker tags, are essential.

Locker tags can help you employ fun and creative ways to mark banks of lockers, and individual lockers, making it easier for patrons to locate the locker containing their belongings.

  1. Healthcare Facilities
    When working in a healthcare facility, employees often need to change from their street clothes into sterile scrubs. And, they need a fair amount of space to store those clothes.

If you run a healthcare facility, you likely have a large, busy, rotating staff. So, you want to make sure their lockers are clearly labeled to avoid any potential confusion.

  1. Factories or Manufacturing Plants
    In factories, like in retail space, employees can’t bring their extra belongings onto the floor with them. Unlike retail spaces, unnecessary belongings on a factory floor can create some serious safety hazards.

Assigning employees lockers marked with custom locker tags, will give them a safe place to store their things, that’s easy to find.

  1. Open-Offices and Co-Working Spaces
    Thanks to the rise of the start-up and the gig economy, a couple types of offices became more commonly seen. These offices are open-office space plans and co-working spaces. Both types benefit by using lockers and locker tags.

An open-office space may be thought to ease communication and create a sense of community and transparency within a business. That said, this type of space doesn’t often give the employee a safe place to store their belongings. Properly labeled lockers are the answer.

And, in a co-working space where workers don’t have an assigned workspace, giving patrons the ability to rent a locker can make a world of difference.

Where do your employees, or even the general public, store their belongings while working, or while out and about at recreational facilities, shopping malls and similar places?

In the case of employees, they might store their belongings in their offices or cubicles after they clock in. But, that’s not always the case. And, in schools, parks and public situations, it’s certainly much more convenient to have a place to store all those belongings in a safe place for a while.

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