Why do cats need shallow bowls?

Eating from a bowl that is too deep is the most frequent cause of whisker fatigue. As a cat’s sensitive whiskers rub against the sides of a deep bowl, they begin to hurt. Cats prefer bowls with a wide, shallow design that allow their whiskers to remain above the bowl while they eat and drink.

While shallow bowls are generally a good choice for most cats, it’s essential to consider your individual cat’s preferences and needs. Some cats may have specific preferences for the depth and shape of their bowls, so it’s a good idea to observe your cat’s behavior and adjust the bowl type accordingly to ensure they are comfortable during mealtime. Additionally, regular cleaning of the bowl is essential to maintain your cat’s health and hygiene.

Cats benefit from shallow bowls for several reasons:

Whisker fatigue: Cats have sensitive whiskers, and when they eat from deep bowls, their whiskers can touch the sides of the bowl. This can cause whisker fatigue, which is a sensory overload that can be uncomfortable for cats. Shallow bowls allow their whiskers to remain unstimulated and reduce this discomfort.

Easier access: Shallow bowls make it easier for cats to access their food. Cats have a more comfortable time eating when they can easily reach their food without having to dig their faces deep into the bowl.

Better visibility: Shallow bowls allow cats to see their surroundings while they eat. This can be particularly important for cats that are cautious or nervous, as they can keep an eye out for potential threats while they eat.

Hydration: Shallow bowls are also suitable for water because they encourage cats to drink more. Cats often prefer to drink from a wider, shallow surface because it closely mimics natural water sources like ponds or streams.

Reducing food waste: Shallow bowls can help reduce food waste by preventing food from getting pushed to the edges and becoming inaccessible to the cat.

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