How to find a wholesaler of pet supplies from China?

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There are several ways to find a good wholesaler of pet supplies from China. One way is to utilize online directories to find pet wholesale suppliers. Everything has been digitized with the advancement of technology. Another way is to attend exhibitions and trade shows where you can meet various Chinese importers and distributors. You can also visit local manufacturers to buy directly from Chinese pet wholesale suppliers. More and more retailers find the wholesalers from china online.

Here are some of the best pet product manufacturers in China for your reference: Suzhou Topro Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Daxilai Household Co., Ltd, Shunen Leather & Gift Factory, Changsha Pethealth for your reference), Qingdao Dream Pet Care, Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products. All of them are brand wholesalers and manufacturers. If you are interested in one single products, you can contact the factory directly, but if you will purchase a wide range of pet products, we suggest you contact the wholesalers directly. Generally the wholesalers will offer you a good price with better professional service. It is similar as you purchase a house, it is better for you to purchase it by house agent, not by house owners or house builders. A good wholesaler will have a good relationship with many factories, and they are a key sales channel of the factories, so the wholesalers will have a lower price than you purchase it from the factory directly. Founddream is a brand of pet products, they also offer personalized Pet ID tags.


Of course, there are many quality level wholesalers and manufacturers. how to know if a wholesaler is reliable in china? Firstly of all, you should find a brand wholesaler. Generally, a brand wholesaler will have a professional team including the marketing team, logistics team, QC team, and sales team. They will offer you a professional service, then you will have not any risk on the business. We suggest you purchase the pet beds from

Moreover, you can refer to the following ways to check the wholesaler or manufacturer:

Check business licenses. Chinese suppliers have to register with the Chinese government authorities and obtain a unique company registration number. If your supplier is unable to provide you a unique company registration number, it’s too risky to continue dealing with them.

Ask for references. Ask for references from other customers who have worked with the supplier before.

Get a sample. Request a sample of the product before placing an order.

Conduct factory audits (or at least pretend to). You can hire third-party companies that can conduct factory audits on your behalf.

Check their website: If a wholesaler or manufacturer has not their official website, you can pass it. If their website is not official, you can pass it.

I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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