How to purchase a good dog leash manufacturer?

More and more people like dogs. Dogs will go outside for walk everyday. Then the pet keepers will need a good quality dog leash. There are many different quality dog leashes in the market. How to purchase a good quality dog leash? First of all, you should find a good dog leash wholesaler and dog leash manufacturer which has a brand, large wareshouse, professional service team and official website. Then you can select the pet products and contact them easy. Second, you should purchase the dog leash according to the size of dogs.

  • If you have 3 dogs, we suggest you purchase the 3 ropes dog leashes. If you only have 1 dog, you can select the automatic dog leash.
  • Length: Small dogs will need a short dog leash, and large dogs will have a longer leash.
  • Material: The right leash should be strong and durable. Most dog leash are made by Durable materials such as nylon, leather or rope.
  • Buckle: The buckle must be strong and secure, otherwise it can cause the dog to escape or be injured. It is recommended to choose a hook-shaped clasp that can be easily attached to your dog’s collar. It is better for you to select the products with good brand, please don’t select the products without brand. The wholesalers of dog leash have to website, you can contact them easy.
  • Color: Bright colors make it easy for you to notice your dog while also improving your dog’s safety. This type leash are colorful and Reflective, you can see it clear in the evening.
  • Handle: The handle should be comfortable. You are easy to grip, and it will not slip from you hand.

Automatic retractable tow rope

This type dog leashs are designed for large dogs with a 5-meter pull, it has a silky, retractable one-button brake with adhesive at the handle. It is more comfortable to hold. The lock is made of lacquer alloy material, rust resistant and durable, which is of good quality and strong.

3 ropes of dog leashes

There are 3 ropes of the dog leashes, you can hold 3 dogs. Generally, this type dog leashes are suitable for small size or middle size dogs. The ropes are Reflective, and the handle is soft and stronge, it will be comfortable for your hand.

As a trusted dog leash wholesaler and manufacturer, we offer lower price and good quality products to the retailers and amazon dealers. We can deliver the dog leashes to your address or Amazon FBA warehouse from China directly. We are looking for the sales agents in the world. If you have inquires on dog leashes and other dog products, we can offer you one-stop sales service. Professional teams will provide you good service from the type selection to shippment to after-sales.

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