How to pick a pet toy that your dog likes?

There are many pet toys, but we suggest you to spend some more time to select a good pet toy for your dog. You can buy it from on line shops, or offline shops. Playing and biting are natural dog behaviors. While there are individual differences between dogs and some are more likely to bite than others, dog toys are essential for all dogs. In fact, many other behavioral problems can arise when dogs don’t have an appropriate way to vent their instinct to bite.

How do you get pet toys for your dog that he’ll love?

Different dogs have different preferences for toys, depending on how they play and chew. You can try a few different types of toys to get an idea of what it likes. If you have too many toys, try putting some of them away and taking them out after a while. Your dog will think it’s a new toy.

1, Ball

For any dog who likes to play catch, the pet ball is a must-have favorite!

There are many kinds of ball toys for dogs, for example, basic tennis or rubber balls. To ones that glow and flash in the dark, and plenty of balls that make sounds or can be stuffed with treats.

When choosing a ball for your dog, pay attention to the size of the ball. Select it should be big enough for your dog to bite a run. Please don’t accidentally swallowed it, but cannot too big, it can comfort by bit in your mouth. Basic tennis ball size, fine for most dogs, but giant dogs may need an oversized ball, and small dogs will need a smaller ball.

As a general rule, don’t leave a tennis ball near your dog for him to bite. The material in tennis balls can cause wear and tear on dogs’ teeth. In addition, chewed fragments can cause choking or gastrointestinal obstruction if swallowed. The proper way to play tennis is to throw the ball and let the dog fetch it for you and play tour. Instead of letting the dog hold the ball and chew it.

2, Frisbee and other touring toys

Dogs that like balls and play fetch often also like Frisbees and other traveling toys.

A Frisbee is more versatile than a ball because you can change the speed and direction of the disc. This will be more of a challenge for your dog and will never get bored again. Optional touring toys are usually made of rubber, plastic, string, or other materials.

3, Stuffed toys

pet toy

Many dogs love stuffed animals. They would carry them around like babies, or tear them apart like prey. Stuffed animals are usually filled with stuffing that squeaks. The dog will also often tear at them and get the stuffing everywhere. Many dogs seem to be trying to “kill” their “prey” by destroying the squeaks. They sometimes carry toys around after they die.

Keep an eye on your dog while he plays with the stuffed animal to prevent him from swallowing the stuffing, which can cause a gastrointestinal blockage.

Plush toys won’t “survive” for very long in the presence of frenzied biting, but they’re the kind of toy dogs will be happy to play with if you’re around to watch.

4, Noise maker toy

Usually made of vinyl, rubber, or plastic. Durability varies, so choose wisely based on your dog’s habits.

In general, thick rubber is best for aggressive biting. Thinner vinyl or plastic toys are better for gentle biting, or playing in situations where you can always babysit. The advantage of thinner sounding toys is that they are usually cheap, the disadvantage is that they don’t last very long.

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